Permit Application

The Uniform Fire Code states:

It shall be unlawful to engage in any business activity involving the handling, storage or use of hazardous substances, materials or devices; or to maintain, store or handle materials to conduct processes which produce conditions hazardous to life or property; to install equipment used in connection with such activities; or to establish a place of assembly without first obtaining a permit from the fire official." (N.J.A.C 5:70-2.7(a))

NOTE: Each individual act requires a separate permit. There are 5 types of permits. You should consult your local Fire Official for the number of types of permits required and for information on fees.

*Due to high scheduling demand, requests must be submitted at least 1 week in advance*

*All permits will be submitted electronically through the SDL Portal in the near future*


This permit is NOT the residential resale application. Please click Residential Smoke Inspections above.

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All permit applications will be submitted through the SDL Portal. Paper application will no longer be accepted going forward.